Southwestern Mandarin

The YouTube video below is very informational. It did not help my speak Mandarin but I feel it was very helpful for understanding the language before I started to learn to actually speak.

Another thing that I tried was the Duolingo app on my iPhone. In the past, I have used this app to brush up of my french. The first problem I ran into was which language to choose. I knew that in the area I plan to go to their local language is Southwestern Mandarin, but on the app it only gives the option of Chinese. Due to the many languages present in China I was unclear on if it was Mandarin. I googled if Mandarin was on Duolingo and identified that it was, in fact, the Chinese option. I finished the first test on the app and gained the ability to read and say hello, good, and goodbye! This took no time at all, it took me about a total of 5 minutes to finish. I found it to be very repetitive which helped me identify the characters and pronounce the words. There is also some good information about pinyin (their alphabet) and tone. I learned that there are 4 basic tones used in Mandarin, below I list what the tones are and how the word changes based on how it is said.


  • Neutral: Mā = mother
  • Low-High: Má = hemp
  • High-Low: Mà = to scold
  • High-Low-High: Ma = horse


  • Goodbye: Zai Jian
  • Hello: Ni Hao
  • Good: Hao
Photo sourced from



  • Duolingo App
  • YouTube video:

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