Prepping to Meal Prep

This week was the beginning of what seemed was going to be a long process. This was the first time I had thought out my meals well in advance. My goal for this week was to start small, to meal prep just a few meals that I could eat on multiple days. I found the process to be very frustrating. Trying to see what ingredients go into multiple different meals while still having diversity is hard! On top of that, I ended up with 2 types of “salads” out of the 3 meals I had planned to make for the week. However, I know with practice and time I will become more efficient with it.

I turned to instagram to find inspiration on meal prepping and ideas. Pages to follow that I have found are very useful include:

The meals I did this week were honey garlic shrimp with rice and broccoli and Santa Fe Salad! I ended up adding a caesar salad to the shrimp dish for an appetizer and chicken to the Santa Fe salad for a more balanced meal.

I found that I had over-prepared for the week’s meals. I had originally planned on the two salads, a Santa Fe Salad and a shrimp and avocado salad along with the shrimp broccoli dish. However, I did not anticipate the meals out that I had and the multiple dishes that came out of each meal. I never got around to the shrimp salad so I will have that for the next week. Overall, this first week of meal prepping was successful and I am looking forward to developing this skill further in the weeks to come.


  • Steaming Veggies: In a pan on medium heat put the veggies you want to steam and add 1 cup of water. Put a lid on the pan and let the water steam until a fork can go through the veggies.
  • Defrosting Shrimp: Boil water in a pot, throw shrimp in once water starts boiling. Turn down the heat to medium for 5 minutes

Photographs used in this post are licensed by Creative Commons.

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