Chinese New Year Dragon

This craft was a fun and engaging way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Each student was given a red oval for a part of the body and feathers, glitter glue and scrap paper to decorate. I did this craft with kindergarten’s and grade 1’s. I found the best way to organize it was to have 4 students at a time come up to the “craft station” and create their section of the dragon while the other students had free time around the room.

My one miscalculation was that I assumed the students would use lots of feathers and paper and add glitter glue at the end to decorate. However, glitter glue was a BIG hit! So much so that students would mainly use it for their piece, which we did not have the supplies for. Mid way through designing I decided to tell students that the glitter glue was used at the end after they had added other decorations. This seemed to worked well. As always I was very impressed with the final product as the children’s creativity and imagination never cease to amaze me!

All photographs in this post are licensed by Creative Commons

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