Snack Attack

This week I wanted to focus on good healthy snacks that could help sustain me throughout my long days. I think snacks are important because I know for me, when I start getting hungry it’s hard to focus on things and it’s hard to be in a good mood when you are hungry. This reinforced for me my idea of having a basket of food for students in my classroom. I think if I can help meet their basic needs they will have a more receptive mental state for learning. Here are some of the ones I’ve tried out this week. I have added additional ones as well that I found have helped me in the past.

Apple Slices with PB: This is one of my favourite snacks because it is crisp and sweet. It is a good substitution when I have a sweet tooth craving. If you want to keep it healthy, moderate the PB. For a medium size apple use 1 Tbs of PB.

Addition – You can also swap out the apple for celery.

Hard Boiled Eggs: Eggs are a perfect snack to curb that hunger. They are full of protein and vitamins. I made a few so I could “meal prep” in a sense and have them to take with me for the week. Just remember to chew some gum after. I heard a great tip so they break easier. After you have boiled them in water for about 5 minutes place them into ice water for another 5-10. The instant shock of hot to cold makes the shell crack easier when you are ready to eat.

PB banana beagle: This is such a yummy filling snack. I have this when I am really feeling hungry and need lots to fill me up. The banana is full of potassium. I used a blueberry beagle and lightly spread PB on for moderation.

Other Good Quick Snacks:

  • Almonds or Mixed Nuts (40 nuts is protein = to a meal replacement!)
  • Grapes
  • Fruit: Kiwi, Oranges, Banana,
  • Cliff Bars: I only eat these if I am extremely hungry or after a workout/ during a hike. They are very filling but quite high in calories. They are meant to sustain someone that is working out.

All photographs in this post are licensed by Creative Commons

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