Coding Board Game for Students

This past week I found an amazing resource to have in the classroom to help students learn coding. Robot Turtles is a game where students have to use code cards to direct a robot turtle to the centre of the board to receive a jewel. Once this is done the board becomes more challenging by adding obstacles. Students learn coding patterns and sequences by moving their robot forwards, left, or right on the board and around certain obstacles. If they notice a mistake they simply have to say “bug” and the last code card is removed and thus the command given is reversed.

This game is ideal for younger grades, even preschool aged children are encouraged to play. However, any age can play this game as it is a fantastic and engaging way to learn the basics of coding. This game is great because kids will have fun playing it and not even realize that they are learning the fundamentals of programming and coding.

This game is good for learning coding because the adult acts as a real life computer while the student is the programmer. This helps students because it is a good simulation of how real coding works. Students give direct instructions to the adult and the adult does whatever they say, much like how programming is about “bossing” around computers. Click here for the full instructions of the game.

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