Eating on a Budget

Lately I have been noticing that with all the business of life, food has taken a backseat. I have eaten out lots in the past few weeks and realized this is very inefficient for my food budget. That is why recently I have started to try and make meals that I have previously bought. I thought back to meals that would be easy to recreate. For example, on the UVIC campus I purchased a wrap with cajan chicken, alfalfa sprouts, cheese, honey mustard, peppers, and spinach. I went to Thrifty’s and purchased all these ingredients, substituting honey mustard for dijon. Instead of spending $7 on one wrap I spent around $10 that will last me for at least 2-3 wraps. Long term, this is much more cost efficient and fairly easy to do. I am still trying to perfect the order in which they layer the wrap but that will come with more practice.

Another item that I took home to recreate was the quinoa salad that I also purchased on campus occasionally. This recipe included peppers, green onion, cilantro, and quinoa. I bought all of these ingredients and made a big batch. This way I could meal prep for the rest of the week by having multiple servings of it already made.

All photographs in this post are licensed by Creative Commons

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