Course Work

Year 1:

ASL 100: American Sign Language 

ENGL 135: Academic Reading + Writing

ENGL 146: The Literature of Our Era

PSYC 231: Into to Social Psychology

LING 100: Intro Linguistics

RS 200: Intro to Asian Religions 

ASTR 102: Exploring the Cosmos

Year 2:

ASL 200: American Sign Language

CS 201: Canadian Environmentalism

EOS 120: The Dynamic Earth

HLTH 251: Healthy Sexuality

MATH 161/162: Math: Elementary School Teachers

POLI 101: Canadian Politics

Year 3:

EDCI 250: Elementary Field Experience Seminar

EDCI 300: Mathematical Processes

EDCI 301: Learners and Learning Environments

EDCI 302: Literacy and Language

EDCI 303: History and Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDCI 305A: Drama Education

EDCI 306: Music for Elementary Classroom Teachers

EDCI 307A: Art Education

EDCI 310/311: Physical Education for General Classroom Teachers

EDCI 336: Technology Innovation in Education

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