306B Blog 2: Practice Makes Perfect

It took a while to feel comfortable holding the Ukulele and having correct posture but after a few weeks it is beginning to feel more natural. The next thing I had to work on was the chords. I found that although the chords are not hard, there is many of them and I had a hard time remembering them in order. I started by having the sheet music in front of me using this photo and just placing my fingers on the chords in order. I would repeat a line until I felt comfortable with it and move on. I felt confident with the sheet music in front of me but after a while I tried not to look at it and found that all the lines started to get mixed up in my head. I would forget what chord came next. If that happened I would go back to the sheet music and do the line a few more times to make sure I had it. This is a new skill for me because the only song prior to this that I have played contained 3 chords that repeated the entirety of the song. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” requires 6 to 7 different chords per line that have varied transitions. One thing I found to be helpful was finding a Youtube Video online of someone playing the song on the Ukulele. I followed along at first just placing my fingers on the chords and doing the transitions to practice the order of the chords. Then after a few times I started strumming as well. This technique worked well for me because the video is a good tempo to practice and at the end it feels like you are playing for a crowd of people! It was a fantastic confidence booster and way to practice for me to feel competent at this song. Now that I know the order of the chords my next step is to practice not looking at the fret when transitioning. I plan to keep practicing a few times a day to become more fluid with transitions and build muscle memory so I do not have to look by the time I record the video later this week.

I have provided the link to my first video down below. The password is “Education”

Here is the link to my video

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