306B Blog 1: Proper Posture

Previous to this course I had only learned one song on the Ukulele. The song “Riptide” consisted of only 3 chords and was easy to learn. This semester I challenged myself by not only learning more songs but harder ones with different strumming patterns and more chords. I started this project by learning “I can’t help falling in love with you” by Elvis Presley. Before even learning the complex chords I ran into my first challenge, playing with proper positioning. I found holding the Ukulele higher almost impossible without dropping it every time I needed to switch chords. The first few times I tried I remember becoming so frustrated I wanted to throw it across the room. I knew this technique was important if I ever wanted to play the instrument standing up, like I would do if teaching a class. So alas, through more weeks of practice it somehow got easier. Now that I can hold it properly I am focusing on the chords. I found that I can place my fingers on the right chords but remembering them in order is hard. Not only the order but also my fingers do not transition as quickly as they need for the tempo in the song. This is my focus for the next week. My hope is that I can remember the chords in order and create the muscle memory in my fingers to transition smoother.

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