306B Blog 3: Plucking Hallelujah

One of the challenges I found was with how quickly my ukulele becomes out of tune. I have noticed because I am constantly going between the C and D scale my strings very quickly change and the tune is off as I start to play. My singing for the song becomes harder to harmonize when this happens. I have tried taping the pegs down but to no avail, it becomes untuned.

In terms of learning the song “Hallelujah”, the chords were easier to remember then “Can’t Help Falling In Love” but plucking a pattern has proven more difficult than strumming. It helped that I could remember the chords and did not have to focus on that as well when trying to pluck. Over time, I became more comfortable with the plucking pattern and eventually was able to play the song as fluently as if I were strumming. However, recently I looked up another video on Youtube and realized my plucking pattern was wrong. When using the previous strumming pattern of G, A, E, C the melody sounded slightly off and when singing I found it hard to harmonize. With the new strumming pattern of G, C, E, A, E, C I have been able to harmonize better. I am new to learning ukulele and this change in strumming has been a difficult adjustment for me. My fingers were getting used to the old pattern and this change will take a while to feel more natural. This version of the song also includes a quick transition from F chord to G chord in one strumming pattern which I am finding difficult as well. In the next few weeks I will focus on mastering the new strumming pattern and smoothing up my transitions.

I also kept working at “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and am now able to play the whole song through until the end. For my mid- semester PLP I was only able to play the first few verses. The password is: “Education”

Here is the link to the video


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