306B Blog 4: The Final product

It’s true what they say, practice does make perfect. The more I played the song the more comfortable I become with the new plucking pattern and the easier the F and G transition became. After I learned the new plucking for the song, I started working on harmonizing my singing. This is still a struggle for me that I am continuing to work on. With this song in particular, my struggle is matching the tune of the ukulele. I used to sing this song while my mother played along with the piano to the chords. Singing this song to the tune of the ukulele is difficult for me because I am so used to singing it in a certain way. This is still something I am working on. However, each time I practice the song I try to sing the last hallelujah different ways to find one that sounds right.

Overall, this experience has been one I will take with me forever. By learning 2 more songs, I became more fluent with how to read sheet music on ukutabs.com, so in the future more songs will be more easily available for me to learn. I also found helpful resources like Youtube channels. Particularly Bernadette Teaches Music and The Ukulele Teacher. The experience of learning songs with more than 3 chords and that have varying sequences of chords helped me to more forward with my playing. My fingers now switch faster between chords and I can begin to play more complex songs. This has made me more confident in my playing abilities.

The skill of learning the ukulele means I can be involved in campfire sing alongs and play for others. For example, I played all the songs I knew for my parents the other night while I was practicing hallelujah. They just sat there and listened, telling me it was like listening to the radio. I played Can’t Help Falling In Love, Hallelujah, and even refreshed my memory on Riptide and played that as well. I was amazed at how quickly Riptide came back once I could look at the sheet music and remember the order of the chords. All the songs I have learned will forever be in my mind to always be able to play, with every new song I learn my ukulele fluency will keep growing.

The password for Hallelujah is: Education

Here is my video of Hallelujah 

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