Week 4: Copywriting

I think having knowledge of copyrighting and copyright law is important as teacher because there are many resources available online that can be helpful in classrooms. It is imperative to know which resources can be used and in what ways. It is also important to understand copyrighting because ones own resources should be properly copyrighted. This way there is proper attribution to the work, whether your own or others. Knowing how to properly understand copyrighting allows for more collaboration among colleagues. If there is an understanding about creative commons licensing than they can share resources openly and be able to adapt and use the information with ease.

Creative Commons Licensing is a type of license to use resources as long as it is attributed with the original author. It includes choosing whether resources are allowed to be adapted, not allowed to be adapted or allowed as long as they make changes apparent.

*If unsure the copyrighting status and want to find out if a resource is copyrighted go to search the commons.

I learned today that if something is copyrighted it cannot be used unless the source explicitly states it. However, if it is a public document one is allowed to use the resource for personal use they are just unable to photocopy and distribute it, for example, in a handout. A tip about saving photo’s that I found helpful was to save the document under the website, the person’s username and the license of what it is. An example of this would be flicker@jondoe-CCBY2.0. By doing this, one tags the image in their documents so they are aware of where they got it and the licensing it pertains. This way if the image is used later the information is already obtained. An easy way to find images to use that are not copyrighted is to use the advanced search option on Google. The advanced search in under the settings tab where you can scroll down to the bottom to find usage rights options. From there, it is easy to change the search to free to use or share images. In other words, it is searching for images with a creative commons license. For more in depth information this link to best practices for attribution may help.