PIMS: Math Tutor

Since entering the education program at UVIC I have continually volunteered for every Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) Math Mania session throughout various elementary schools. I have taken part in the multiple games such as the bone stick game, the penny slide, and other fun and engaging math activites.

It was eye opening to see how many students come to play math games in their time outside of school. I believe it’s because of the fun and engaging nature these games create. This organization is great to work with because Math Mania believes in not making math hard so children develop a love of it while learning valuable skills. These games are ones I will take with me to implement so math can be fun for everyone!

Dance Instructor:

I co-choreographed and co-taught the senior dance team at Montessori Elementary School. As a team, we worked for months to practice and prep a dance routine to be performed at a festival. This experience gave me an insight into what level of dance routines are appropriate for what ages, as well as how to effectively manage a group of grade 5 girls early in the morning! My co-teacher and I worked after hours to choreograph and discuss details for the festival attire. I learned where to find costumes on a budget and how to be flexible when choreography had to be changed.

Since I was young I have always had a passion for dance and when I see others with that same passion I want them to have that opportunity to explore that avenue. That is why when I am teaching in a school I hope to join, or initiate, a dance program. I think dancing is a valuable way to express oneself non-verbally and should be an outlet that students can explore. Having this outlet can reduce stress, anxiety, and help positively impact mental health.